21 Nov

What Is the Internet of Things ( IoT )?

There’s been a lot of talk about the “Internet of Things” (IoT). But, what exactly does that term mean in the realms of cyberspace?

For the human race, which is relatively disorganized by nature, the “Internet of Things” is a great innovation. However, for people who value their privacy, the “Internet of Things” could be considered a massive intrusion.

Essentially, the “Internet of Things” means having every electronic device-and many other things-connected and interacting in real time with the Internet in some way so it can be tracked and monitored. By having everything categorized this way through the Internet “cloud,” the reasoning goes, you’ll be able to organize your life better by not needing to pay “time consuming” attention to your life.

There are upsides to such an existence. Having your phone


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